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College Football Gambling Guide: BETTING GUIDE

Legal Issues There are presently no laws barring you from opening an account with an offshore sportsbook and placing bets over the internet. What the government has unsuccessfully tried to argue thus far is that it is illegal for an American to be accepting wagers over telephone lines.

Should You Report Winnings?
You should always report any gambling winnings to the IRS at tax time. Be certain to deduct any gambling losses up to the reported winnings amount.


Most people are unaware that offshore sportsbooks vary significantly in fiscal strength. There are betting sites online as we speak that have no intention of paying out a single dime. They have slick web sites and seemingly excellent customer service skills when players are making a deposit, but things change quickly when a player attempts to cash out his winnings. The sites on our top sportsbooks list ALWAYS pay their winners . fast and on time!

Opening Your Account
Opening an offshore sportsbook account is an extremely simple process. Be certain that you enter all information correctly as this information will be used to send you your winnings! When funding your account, we recommend Neteller . this is the safest and most sure-fire method for making sportsbook and casino deposits, as well as collecting winnings.

NFL Betting and Handicapping
Simple tips for making better picks and winning more money

When the sportbooks receive more action on one side of a wager than the other, they will adjust the line in order to create interest on the other team. If you like that "other" team, it is in your best interest to wait until the highest value has been reached. But, if you are backing the team in which most of the money is going to, it is in your interest to wager prior to line moves.

A diversity of activities plays into each line. The weather is a big factor as are player injuries, home team advantage and the statistical history behind the match up between the two teams. Past performances are studied very closety in determining how a game will played. Other factors include the upcoming schedules of the teams, their starting players and their coaching staff.

Feelings, hunches, TV games and personal favorites are enjoyable factors for the sports fans, but should not be major factors for handicapping consideration by the sports gambler.

The most successful handicappers practice good money management and discipline in choosing the best wagering opportunities. In any given situation, luck can be a factor in the outcome, but in the long run a disciplined handicapper will win more of those lucky games than they lose.

Experienced handicappers will collect as much information as possible regarding both sides of a potential wager and typically remain faithful to a betting system or strategy that has produced winners for them in the past.


2008 XLII SuperBowl Odds

Finding an online sportsbook that can be trusted with your wagering dollar may appear, on the surface, to be a daunting task. However, we've found and to be among the finest, most-trusted and highly respected offshore casino operations in existence today.

2008 SuperBowl Odds XLII

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